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Teresa Ann Foxworthy founded POUR LES VOIX: Expressive Arts Coaching, to help men, women, and children who are focused on expressive goals. She offers Image Development, Image Consultant, & Personal Image Consulting, as well as


Teresa’s mission is to help you achieve your performing or expressive arts goals with the most fun, while staying very focused on excellence & achievement. Her singing lessons use the Seth Riggs’ Speech Level method, which allows your voice to stay healthy for the rest of your life, as you use your voice to sing as you do to properly speak, with clarity and ease of tone. She has also developed her own techniques for warm-ups & delivery, confidence, stage presence, and other essentials for a winning performance.

YOU ARE THE BEST!! [That’s my motto!]

Whether it’s a hit song, or business speech, a role on stage or screen, a new job, or speaking French, YOU, the public persona, need to quickly take command of your stage, relax and enjoy; even for a party of one! Teresa Ann Foxworthy can help you do just that…Having worked in the entertainment and corporate industries, as well as speaking French, for over 20 years, Ms. Foxworthy enjoys working with people to help them with creative and professional self-expression.

Achieve an ease with speaking, singing, dancing, stand-up, presenting, or acting! Eliminate the flaws and present a perfected performance. Developing your dancing, speaking, French, or singing will get you the roles or deals you want. From the convenience and privacy of your home, studio, or office, by-phone, or in mine, we will achieve the results you desire. No matter what your range, previous experience, or preferred genres of concentration. One-on-one coaching zeroes in on your special concerns and facilitates rapid improvements. Exercises develop a strong foundation and then we tackle the specific piece(s) that you are working on to elevate your finesse!

So, whether you are a high-level executive, aspiring actor, up-and-coming singer, dancer, aspiring Francophile, or other vocal performer or artist, the techniques you are provided with can transform your presentation within weeks. These voice, singing, dance, and presentation coaching sessions are easy and fun. All ages are welcome.

Teresa Ann Foxworthy has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Theatre/Dance and has been a professional coach for more than 10 years. She has worked with Grammy-winning producers and film directors, actors, dancers, and public speakers of all ages. She works best with men, women, and young people who are ready for success. Her six years of academic, French studies assists those wishing to understand that beautiful language and culture.


Singing, acting, presenting, and public speaking, or speaking French, can all be FUN!

Let me show you how!

Do you want to…
overcome stagefright?
become a better actor?
become a better comedian?
enjoy your time on stage?
become a fantastic singer?
learn speech level singing?
polish your presentation skills?
define your performing arts goals?
develop rapport with your audience?
have fun while you achieve your dreams?
quickly gain command of your performance?
be supported as you work toward your goals?


Client Quotes:

“Teresa is the best! She’s fun, expressive, and really understands the industry.” RC, Century City, CA

“I had a big presentation to give and Ms. Foxworthy really helped me have fun with the whole process and learn to connect with the audience. I am a more confident speaker as a result.” TC, San Francisco, CA

“Acting is a fine art when taught by Teresa. She understands all the nuances, whether for film or stage roles. I highly recommend her!” LL, Carlsbad, CA

“The French language is so beautiful and Teresa makes learning is a breeze!” RL, San Rafael, CA

“Teresa, you’re experience in the industry as well as your fly personality really makes you a done deal.” TT, San Diego

“Ms. Foxworthy, your efforts have propelled me forward in both my personal and professional cadres. Thank you so much!” JL, Tiburon

“Is there anything you can’t do?” MN, Washington, DC


Let Teresa tell you:


Thanks for your interest in my Coaching Programs:

V O I C E – O V E R – T A L E N T
As a Voice-Over Talent, I love to create a wide range of impressions with my voice. Commercial or animation projects are most welcome. Whether accents, different ages, male or female voices, playful for children, comedy or serious for adults, even speaking narratives for documentaries; almost all projects will be given serious consideration. Just call or email your concept, location, during of project, & payscale: tfoxworthy

V O I C E – T E A C H E R, & V O C A L – T A L E N T
Singing has been my passion all my life and I LOVE helping others succeed with it. I used to think I would NEVER be able to see and now I receive wonderful feedback on my voice. I am very adept with almost all genres of music, with an emphasis on classical, pop, rock, dance, techno, new age, chill, r&b, soul, blues, some country, limited rap, some children’s, & international music as well, such as East Indian, French, Flamenco, & some Middle Eastern.

M U S I C – I N D U S T R Y – C O A C H
With 7 years experience working with a 5-time Grammy winning producer, as well as the TOP A&R guy in the industry, I am also an industry coach. I have learned so much and would love to help you achieve your goals in voice. I have worked with Speech-Level Singing for over 15 years.

A C T I N G – C O A C H & A C T O R
My acting coaching offers you a professional environment to take your performing arts career to the next level. I listen to what YOU want to work on and then guide you in a supportive and strategic way. This includes: comedy, drama, shakespeare, contemporary slang, voice overs, infomercials, et al. My experience as a voice over artist, actor, director, writer, et al, all contribute to my skill sets.

P U B L I C – S P E A K I N G & P R E S E N T A T I O N – C O A C H
My Public Speaking Coaching for executives has been enjoyed by clients all around the world. Discover an ease which allows you to present to your audience. I help you to develop speeches and / or to present them with an authentic flair that engages your audience with excellent results. This includes helping you with your video presentations.

F R E N C H – L E S S O N S French lessons with me will cover conversation and writing skills. My time living in both Paris and Montpellier for over a year, allows me to convey to you the joie-de-vivre for which the French culture is renown. My French studies began at the age of 14 and I have been speaking French in both social & professional situations every since. Learning French is a fun pursuit, whether for personal or professional reasons.

IN-PERSON M-F, 12pm-7pm.

My sessions are $75 per hour, paid at the beginning of each month.

G E T T I N G – S T A R T E D
If this sounds good, please call or email me at your earliest convenience.

Let me know your primary objectives for the next year and which days and times would work best for you.


Contact me for a free introductory consultation. Let me know which days & times could work for you, preferably Monday through Friday, between 11am and 5pm only.

USA: 4 1 5 . 2 8 9 . 2 2 1 3

Relax and have fun! Singing, acting, presenting, speaking CAN all be fun! Let me show you how!

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T e r e s a A n n F o x w o r t h y
Artist, Coach, Consultant

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