Public Speaking

“If you can speak, you can influencr. If you can influence, you can change lives.”

Your voice is a powerful resource for your well-being, profession, and personal fulfillment. It’s also a transformational skill to make this world a better place. Public speaking is one of the key areas of personal growth for everyone. We often speak to audiences of 1 to 10, on a regular basis. Some speak before audiences of thousands.

Longtime Motivational Speaker & Facilitator is available to help you buld your speaking career.

As a public speaker, speech writer & executive coach, I cover a wide range of topics with a fun & engaging style to make this as easy as possible for you. My approach is both intuitive & logistical.

Early on, I began my studies while still in grade school, speaking before audiences of 500. Coaching executives before even graduating from college, I soon joined Toastmasters & began speaking before executive audiences of 10 to 1000. This boosted my career & I became a business analyst with AT&T. Today I am an independent speech coach, helping both executives and creative artists.

As a coach, I teach personal development as well as formal presentations for corporate meetings & artistic projects. My profession takes me to various cities in the USA & elsewhere, but I’m based in Southern California. Skype makes it easy to assist you wherever you are.


Week 1: Introduction to PUBLIC SPEAKING

Week 2: Goals & Genres Clarification

Week 3: Developing Your Voice

Week 4: Owning Your Stage

Week 5: Caring for Your Voice

Week 6: Honing Your Craft

Week 7: Speaking Project

Week 8: Career Development

Learn how to care for your voice, speak from your diaphram, how to present your self, how to recognize what your audience wants very quickly, what your body language says about you & your audiencep; plus a whole lot more. Learn how to quickly deal with stage fright, write a speech, use inflection, improve diction, cadence, phrasing, and timing.

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