Artist Development Program offers performing artists career development strategies, consulting, and coaching services. Artists learn how to take their career to the next level with the latest industry standards and strategies. With full-service consulting, lessons, and coaching-by-phone services, emerging artists will be delighted to discover the rapid progress they make with our Artist Development Consulting and Coaching Services.

All levels of experience…Ages 10 years and older… Screen or Stage… Acting… Speaking… Singing… Songwriting… Stage Presence…Presentations…

Any genre or audience…

As an Artist Development Consulting firm, we combine years of experience in the performing arts industries to guide you to your ultimate goals as an Expressive Artist…

* Learn how to work with the pros * Get the roles and jobs you want * Define and refine your career goals * Understand what industry decision-makers want * Develop a winning legacy as a professional artist * Follow a strategy that will take you all the way * Benefit from the years of experience of our team * Learn how to be a successful independent artist * Start now and learn what it will take to quick your day job

Consulting is done by-phone or at our ocean view studios in the La Costa area of San Diego/Carlsbad, or by occasional workshop elsewhere.

C O N S U L T I N G * F E E S :

$75 – 150/HR.

PLEASE NOTE: 24-hour cancellation and late fees apply.


Save money when you pay for monthly sessions in advance.

$300/MONTH = $100 savings

$800/QUARTER = $400 savings

When you take on the business side of the entertainment industry, you learn how to get better results faster.

C O A C H I N G * P R O G R A M

So, how does it work? First we’ll chat to see if we want to work together. You’ll tell us what you are looking for and we will explain how we would approach your particular situation and tailor your program.

Once you sign up, we meet regularly and follow the course to complete your stated goals. You’ll be delighted at the rapid progress of having an artitstic development coach and consultant working for you!

Tell us who your favorite genres, artists, and titles are, what your goals are for the next six months and five years, and what your training background is. Contact us now for your 20-minute complimentary consultation.


Regular appointment hours are:

Monday through Friday, 11am – 7pm

Some phone appointments may be scheduled outside of these regular hours.

Good luck!

Teresa Ann Foxworthy
Artist Development Coach & Consultant

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