Teresa has been a performing artist since she was 3 years old, entertaining 8th Graders at Blessed Sacrament Elementary School while her mother helped out with the other mothers, where her brothers were enrolled at the time. At 4 years of age, Teresa began piano. But her real acting career began at age 7, when she was on TV’s Romper Room, and Professor Kool’s Fun School, on WMAR-TV in Baltimore, MD. After that she began to study acting, dance (ballet, tap, toe), as well as singing, songwriting, & piano.

During her years after college, where she majored in Theater Arts at Sonoma State University with Ann Woodhead, Nancy Lyons, & Theresa Merrick  Dickinson, who danced with Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Twyla Tharp & others.

Teresa has used her public speaking skills to give presentations, teaching VIP clients from Fortune 100 companies. She also continued her songwriting with 3x-Grammy-Winning Music Producer, Narada Michael Walden for many years. In San Diego, she was a Voice Instructor with California Music Studios from 2003 – 2005. During this time, she’s also been identified as one of few up-and-coming musical talents by legendary A&R Talent Scout & Artistic Manager, Tim Sweeney.

Teresa’s love of performing arts can help you with stage, screen, podium, or other type of presentation.